Head To Head Battle Between Two Tech Companies

Securus Technologies dominates in offering technological solutions for both governmental and felon law systems. Some of its services include monitoring, public safety, investigation, and corrections. Recently, it took a huge leap by confronting GTL-Global Tel Link, its primary opponent in the industry, allowing a judge rule out which among the two companies was best under the following criteria;


  • Owner of largest and best product set
  • Most modern telephone calling platform
  • Most capital and expense efficient platform
  • Best customer service


The challenge follows after GTL allegedly claimed to be offering as good services as Securus Tech. Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies CEO, wants a judge to analyze both parties, and come up with who has better customer service, product sets, and calling platform. The comparison, however, didn’t seem fair as Securus owns investments worth over $700 million and owns technologies, companies and an Advanced Technology Center, whereas GTL has small investments to show.


Other advantages that Securus has over GTL include;

  • Offers many services to the correction facilities
  • Securus boasts of owning a domestic call center
  • Trained technicians work at Securus
  • Securus is author of world’s biggest VOIP calling platform
  • Customer reviews confirm Securus’ customer service, economics, and technological advancement is ahead of GTL’s.


Smith states that if he were GTL, he would reject the tech challenge bake off. He maintains that his company excels in all matters in question and Securus undoubtedly has its words leading its actions.


About Securus Technologies


Securus aims at providing second to none technology solutions including biometric analysis, incident management, inmate self-service, emergency response, and monitoring products. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, providing services across North America.


Their priority is making the world a safer place while connecting family and friends to those in correctional facilities, emergency dispatchers to those in need and helping in investigation processes. Securus is currently serving more than 3,400 governmental agencies and 1.2 million inmates.


My Three Favorite Wen Products

Wen has provided me with the ingredients for gorgeous hair and I couldn’t be any happier with the products. Although I started using the dry shampoo, my love for the QVC advertised brand helped me quickly discover there were many other products I needed to use to treat my hair right. My top three favorite Wen by Chaz products (in no particular order:) are listed below.

Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner

I use this product with my dry shampoo. Not only does it invigorate my senses with its pleasing smell, it provides outstanding softness and shine to my once-lifeless hair. The conditioner is lightweight, leaving hair feeling nourished.

Sweet Almond Milk Replenishing Treatment Mist

The smell of this treatment mist alone is enough to convince women that it is good for their hair, but the fact that it actually provides results is even better. The replenishing treatment mist is easy to spray onto the hair, with results that moisturize each strand so that it looks healthy.

Styling Shampoo

The WEN hair styling shampoo isn’t a shampoo like you’re accustomed to using. It is a dry shampoo that is easy to use for instant volume and shine. It adds sleekness to the hair, as well as enhanced minerals for faster growth. I don’t think I’ll use any other shampoo again!

Wen by Chaz: Upgrade your Hair

If you dream of having bouncy, beautiful hair that looks like those models in the magazines, I highly suggest you check Chaz Dean’s store and discover the hair care products right for your needs. Wen makes hair care easily achievable for any woman that wants to look her best.

Source: wikipedia.org

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Williamson County Texas Holds 19th Annual Growth Summit

While it seems most transportation issues, such as roadway, bridge, and mass transportation focus on metropolitan areas, one Texas county believes that the focus should change. William County, a suburban county outside of Austin, Texas, plays host to the 19th annual Williamson County Growth Summit. The summit, sponsored by the Austin Business Journal, addresses the metropolitan region’s growing transportation needs.


A blue-ribbon panel of private enterprise and government authorities, convening at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, seek to find common ground on how to solve current transportation needs utilizing contemporary technologies. Texas External Affairs Director Le Andre Johns, Ride Scout LLC CEO Joe Kopser, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein and Jared Ficklin of Argo Design spearhead the transportation initiative.


Driverless automobiles and ride sharing apps lead the list of many ideas shared at the conference. In addition to contemporary technologies, a call for new transportation routes tied to smart traffic control systems are key to relieving the congestion and burden the roads endure. Though traffic remains a constant in Austin, the population in the surrounding counties continues to rise.


“Williamson has done such an amazing job of structuring its infrastructure over the past 15 years or so. But you are still going to have more people coming here,” Michael Heiligenstein commented. “Try building those roads. Try expanding those capacities. It’s getting to a point where the corridors we have remaining, we need to make them smarter, more efficient and more technically advanced.”


Argo Design founder, Jared Ficklin stated that lawmakers and urban planners need to emphasize greater land acquisition and building and land code flexibility. While technology is essential, additional capacity warrants greater land acquisition, and contemporary design, which facilitates greater ease of movement. As plans for roadway take hold, so must the need for mass transit for the outlying counties.


As an independent, regional, government agency, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority seeks to enhance the Williamson and Travis County transportation needs. Established in 2002, the authority mission statement focuses on engaging, innovative transportation choices, to elevate the quality of life and stimulate the economic marketplace in Central Texas.


Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director, with Jeffrey Daily as the Deputy Executive Director. Additional information about the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is available at http://www.mobilityauthority.com.

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