The Earth Almanac: Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a Chief Resource Investment Expert. He starting at now works with large companies Banyan Hill Publishing and Stansberry Research; among various endeavors. Matts exercises work all through the more essential Miami region and furthermore the East Coast and North America. Penn State school is the place he achieved his Bachelors degree, While his PhD would be completely done at the University of North Carolina. Matt’s learning of geology and science was the foundation for his back world introduction. The insight he has given out has gathered individuals up to triple digit grabs. Honest to goodness Wealth Strategist is a flyer he circulates through Banyan Hill Publishing. In the customary resource exhibit hypothesis direct has wound up being sound. Being canny about the science and moreover the benefits are key parts while contributing viably. Taught in regards to the issue, Matt Badiali confides in the way by which imperativeness is exhausted will a little while later change fundamentally; and oil subordinates will end up old in the long run. He communicates that within the near future there will be batteries that can supply ability to entire urban networks. Having reasonable learning can yield stunning returns if place assets into the right resources.

A huge amount of his understanding begins from hands-on work in different spots. Starting late he cleared up oil costs communicating that oil out performed by 30% in the midst of the earlier year and it wasn’t viewed as gainful before that point. In 2017 he made recommendations about oil contributing. All through the next year oil would be go 45% and yielded results for the people who place stock in him. He moreover starting late tended to the adjacent market estimation of weed and what number of money related masters are abusing the situation. Understanding that it’s a creating business area the benefits will at last watch stature they directly can’t see. Matt Badiali moreover analyzed the new cost mastermind that was passed. He taught through his release that as much as $34 billion and payouts will be made as happenstance checks. He communicated it could be the best exchange grab out history subordinate upon accounts being founded and in motion before July 1 of the year. Matt Badiali continues staying on the edge of learning inside his field.

Ted Bauman Warns Americans Of Trump’s Trade War

Ted Bauman, an author and expert on the world economy, warns America that China could crack down on regulations and even boycott American-made goods. This would be devastating to the American economy. And it should have everyone worried.

Just look at Apple. The giant tech company has already sounded the alarm bells concerning the trade war with China. They are one of the vulnerable companies that could be hurt by the trade war as China ramps up regulations. This could increase labor costs and Apple products may no longer be sold in Asia’s biggest market. This would lose the trillion dollar company a lot of money. Ted Bauman recommends that you manage your investments in these vulnerable companies closely as tensions rise.

Trump’s trade war is finally throwing punches. He has levied tariffs on over $200 billion worth of goods coming in from China. China has diverted some of these goods to countries like Mexico and the administration is willing to adapt. Trump and his allies are ready to throw down tariffs on any country that increases trade with China.

America runs a trade deficit in China that can only be counted in the hundreds of millions of dollars range. And China doesn’t import enough goods into America to retaliate economically. They’ve already thrown down tariffs on certain American goods that have hurt farmers in the bread basket. Trump recently said he would set up a relief fund for those farmers affected. It seems the Trump Administration are in it for the long haul.

This trade war has now moved sluggish markets as companies and investors get skittish. It shouldn’t hurt some of the larger American companies but could spell disaster for the economy as a whole, accord to Ted Bauman.

A boycott on American goods could crush some sectors of the economy. China imports hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods and services and that flow of money could be cut off by rising tensions. And the extra tariffs levied on countries like Mexico are further isolating the United States, according to Ted Bauman. This is how to kill a bullish market. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes

Vijay Eswaran Is An Entrepreneur, Leader And Visionary

Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, leader and visionary who counsels many people on methods of success in the corporate world. He has spoken about the job market situation on many occasions. Vijay has an interesting approach and unique advice for these matters. They are directed toward those who are finishing their education and planning to enter the workforce. Everyone normally looks for the safest place to land right after completing their education. It is important to get into a secure learning position and start gaining experience in a given industry right away. However, the job market changes rapidly. It is heavily influenced by technology. Many jobs that are in demand today may be completely obsolete by the time a person finishes their degree or certification in that field.

It is important to gain experience. However, a person can gain experience and create opportunities for themselves at the same time in any industry according to Vijay Eswaran. A new job seeker must pay attention to the types of companies they are looking to work with. It is important that their personality is a fit with the environment that is currently established at any particular organization.

There are two distinct types of businesses for a person to join when they are new to the workforce. One is a large established corporation. The other is a small startup company. There are pros and cons to each situation. A large corporation will have stability and a set way of doing things. The new job seeker will come in and have a very specific role to play. They will clearly understand their responsibilities and the responsibilities of others.

A small startup company will be very different. New executives will be tasked with a great deal of responsibility. They will also be held accountable for their projects. There is very little room for delegation of authority in a small operation. This means that the new job seeker will have to consume a great deal of experience and information in a short time. A person joining a small startup organization must believe in the company’s mission statement. They will play a direct role in the success of that organization from the very beginning.

Vijay Eswaran is the Chairman of QI Group. The company is located in Hong Kong. Eswaran is a native of Malaysia and comes from a working-class family. His father was with the Ministry of Labour, while his mother was a school teacher. Vijay attended the London School of Economics before securing an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

The Importance of Winning Awards With Talk Fusion

There are tons of products out there. Also, there are tons of customers that are choosing from among the different products. The only thing is that not all products are equal. There are some products that are lower in quality than others. There are many different factors that come into play with the products that are offered. Therefore, it is important that people look at what they want in a product. For instance, when it comes to video communications products, people have to look into the available products and find something with the features that they desire so that they will be able to use it to their fullest intent.


One thing to look for in a video communications product is the amount of awards it has won. One example of an award winning video communications product is Talk Fusion. There are a ton of factors that are considered before giving a product or a brand an award. One of the most important factor is innovation. If a product makes things easier for people and offers features that makes things more convenient, then it is going to be considered for winning awards. It also shows that the product is reliable.


Some people may be happy with certain products and brands that work well for them. Some people may have found the products that work even better for them than the awarded brand and product, but only at a smaller cost. However, when it comes to Talk Fusion, one would be hard-pressed to find something that is going to work better for them than the other product. So many people have given Talk Fusion a try and have seen that it is a great investment for them and their business. Talk Fusion is a very helpful product for entrepreneurs who are serious about bringing their business to a successful level.


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The Development of ICT in the Healthcare Sector Spearheaded by Drew Madden

There has been a prevailing war of dominance in the Healthcare Industry that has involved two new entrants; CVS Pharmacy and Amazon. The two economic giants have been using all the possible means to make sure that they win the consumers from the health sector. For instance, some information from an unidentified source indicates that CVS is at the brink of acquiring one of the largest insurance company in the United States, Aetna. The same source states that Amazon too has been licensed to distribute pharmaceutical equipment to several states. The licenses, however, do not indicate any permission to sell any prescription drugs, but rumors have it that plans are underway for Amazon to obtain authorization for the same.

It is quite evident that economic dominance is the bone of contention between the two giants. As we all know, Amazon is already famous for its “jack of all trades” nature; all kinds of merchandise are transacted by the company. Indulging in the healthcare industry will now imply that the organization dominates the economy and the involved consumers in all aspects. On the other hand, CVS has a strong medical foundation that has enabled it to build an appealing reputation in the industry. Its dominance strategy involves the combination of its pharmaceutical services with comprehensive care and health insurance services.

CVS is trying to demonstrate the changing face of healthcare industry where it is trying to complete the life-cycle of the healthcare industry and become the undisputed market leader. This process is being implemented by ensuring that the entity provides all the needs in healthcare such as pharmaceutical services, clinical operations, and healthcare insurance. Therefore, customers will purchase all the products and services they need under one umbrella. This is a technique that has been used by other organizations to establish dominance in other industries.

Entrepreneurial minds like Drew Madden have eventually come to the rescue of the healthcare industry. Through their innovation, Madden and his team at the Nordic Consulting Partners incorporated the use of Information Technology in the performance of medical operations. This development has brought about very positive results and improved efficiency in the sector and consequently lowering the cost of medical services for the patients.

Penelope Kokkinides Discusses the Plight of Puerto Ricans with Trump

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health Services based in New York. She attended Columbia University, where she attained a degree in public health. She also went to Binghamton University for a BA in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Moreover, she went to Walden University, and New York University to study public administration and social work respectively. Her vast knowledge in healthcare gives her the expertise to lead innovaCare Health Services and is trusted to do a good job. Penelope cares about helping children, animals, improving education, and healthcare.


Penelope Kokkinides revealed that she decided to take the job at innovaCare because it presented a wonderful opportunity to help others. She is skilled in case management, Medicaid, mental health, and managing diseases. She has held several meetings in the past to find ways of improving healthcare in the state for everyone. Her efforts have paid off and healthcare services at the company have greatly improved. When Kokkinides and Rich Shinto received the news about their appointments at InnovaCare, they were thrilled and excited about new opportunities coming their way. Kokkinides said that she looked forward to working with the team at the firm to improve service delivery.


Penelope Kokkinides recently made headlines with her meeting with Donald Trump, where she explained to the head of state about the need to increase funding in Puerto Rico. This was a historical meeting because it gave Puerto Ricans an opportunity to receive more funding. More funding means improved healthcare and this is what Kokkinides is fighting for. Having worked in government healthcare programs, she has managed to advise the team on way forward regarding health matters.


Before assuming her position at InnovaCare, Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight Health and brought changes that turned things around at the facility. At InnovaCare, clients praise her efforts in championing for more funding and improving service delivery. She was chosen in a group of eight women to meet Trump to discuss matters affecting women in healthcare. Instead of focusing on herself, she used this opportunity to talk about serious issues affecting Puerto Ricans, showing her dedication to helping others. Her company is committed to improving the lives of Puerto Ricans and helping them recover from Hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans appreciate Kokkinides for the commitment to improve healthcare and requesting more funding. During the meeting, she explained the importance of federal funding in the area and was lauded for the good work.

Recap: An Interview with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Published on July 28, 2016, Interview Magazine met with Alex Pall and his partner, Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers.

The interview is conducted by Mathias Rosenwieg in New York City. He asks the duo how they started working together. Pall goes into how he was a DJ growing up in New York City. He was a kid at the time, and while he enjoyed working as a DJ, it was nothing he took seriously. He talks about the time he was in an art gallery, and it hit him that he really enjoyed being a DJ, and he should take it more seriously. He talks about how his manager introduced him to Taggart, and they started working together from there.

Rosenweig asks them how they knew they would work well together. Pall answered that it was both of them knowing the talent in themselves. Once they got past their introductions, it became more organic. Their meetings, as Pall pointed out, started as 9AM-7PM sessions, being that this was now their main job, and they needed it to live. But then, they wound up pushing themselves even harder and learning more about themselves through their music, and through collaboration with each other.

Rosenwieg then asks them what it was like working with the young singing sensation, Halsey. She appears on The Chainsmokers single, Closer. Pall was very happy to work with Halsey. He talks about how Taggart and a mutual friend wrote Closer on the tour bus, and Taggart sings on the single.

Rosenweig asked if they knew the type of audience their music is reaching, and Pall quotes demographics right off of the bat, and credits social media for showing the different countries and age groups their music is reaching.

The last question Rosenweig asks is about their live shows, and how they go about changing them to cater to their increasing popularity. Pall makes a very true point that there sets are always changing because the key is to stay relevant. He basically says that when you get comfortable is when you can be replaced.

The Path That Shafik Sachedina Took That Led To His Philanthropy

In 1950, that was when Shafik Sachedina was born in a family that lived in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Later after 30 years, he had gone through the necessary schooling, and he was readying to be called a surgeon. Once he was of the right age, then he moved to British, and that became his nationality. His university years he spent them at the University of London where he studied for being a dentist that he later moved to England where he was to practice medicine.

Currently, Dr. Shafik Sachedina offers his services to Sussex Health Care as the co-director that he started in 1998. The healthcare is located in Dorking Road at the Tylden House. The primary professional that he offers Sussex Health Care he assists the firm in being able to maintain the effort that they make in taking care of the old people that have the Alzheimer and dementia. The company will offer the needs that will take care of the everyday life of the sick. Through the leadership of Shafik, they have been able to expand. The professional services that he will offer have been able to create the print of him being a success. In entrepreneurship and philanthropy, Dr. Shafik has been intimately involved by being the leader.

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From 1995, in the Institute of Ismaili Studies, he has been of service as the member of the Board of Governors that was founded in 1977. The purpose of the institute is that it will assist in the promotion of educating the Muslim cultures. At the Department of the Jamari Institute, he is the head that will make him in charge of the so many programs that take place in the Ismaili community institute. In the areas where the institutes are facilitated, there will be 16 major locations. The services that he offers the Aga Khan and Jamati Institute for other people they will consider it as volunteer work.

Before his current position, in two terms he offered his services as the president of Ismaili council. There are so many platforms that have recognized the work that he does, and at the same time, he has been the one rewarding others. In 2015, with the help of Sussex Health Care, it was able to help six of their employee get the awards. The awards were for them to study for the diplomas in the University of Chichester. That’s was a good thing on their part, and they helped them a lot to better their lives.


Lacey and Larkin decisive action against Joe Arpaio

The presidents of the United States are allowed by law to give pardons to people they may wish to. In a recent case of pardon that left the public worried about the state of human rights in the United States, President Donald Trump pardoned the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio.

The pardon happened a short while after Trump was elected to office. The pardon was as a result of a court case facing Arpaio where he was found guilty of ignoring court orders. In 2011, a judge had ordered him to stop detaining immigrants in his county, but he did not follow the orders. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The former drugs enforcement official believed that immigration did not deserve to be allowed in the United States. With too many immigrants coming into the country especially through the Mexican border, he feared that they would take up all the opportunities meant for the natives.

Joe Arpaio actions were exposed by the duo of Michael and Jim. The two journalists owned the Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice media. Through these channels, they revealed all the illegalities that Arpaio was committing to the immigrants.

Immigrants were hunted down in door-door searches that would capture all the undocumented immigrants who would then be placed in concentration camps. The concentration camps were used as torture chambers where officers assigned to Arpaio would beat immigrants. He also made sure that the facilities did not have the requirements for human survival. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Whenever the county received money for building more prison, he would divert them to other causes. The concentration camps were poorly maintained and were just places where immigrants would be placed awaiting deportation.

Some of them lost lives in these camps. What is interesting is that even after all the things he did to the immigrants, Joe Arpaio is still safe and will never be charged for the crimes he committed.

Lacey and Larkin did not escape the ruthless arm of Arpaio. After they published an investigative piece about him, he made sure that they were punished. He acquired a secret grand jury subpoena which gave him orders to search the media house they owned.

Luckily, they heard about the subpoena and published a story about it before Arpaio could conduct the raid. He was angered by the decision taken by the two and ordered for their arrest in the middle of the night. Arpaio was however forced to release them the following day after public outcry became too much.

Larkin and Lacey did not just take the matter lightly. They knew their rights band decoded that enough was enough for the Sheriff. They took him to court for violating their rights.

The court ordered that they are compensated $3.75 million. Lacey and Larkin started a foundation that supports minority groups in the state of Arizona. They are committed to seeing that no other person is forced to go through extreme violation of human rights as it happened in the case of Joe Arpaio and the immigrant’s community.

The Patient and Persistent Whitney Wolfe

Bumble is a dating platform created exclusively in 2014 for women whereby they can feel confident to make the first move when getting into a relationship and it has become the fastest growing mobile application globally. The app has attracted almost 10 million users which depicts the high demand for such platform in the market and the satisfaction it has brought to its users. Whitney Wolfe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble, and she saw the need for this dating platform after realizing the kind of challenges women face in regards to the exposure that leads to dating. The sort of imbalance that existed then is what brought about the idea of women having something they would associate with as their own in this particular field. Initially, Whitney Wolfe was not for the idea of a dating app because she had before been involved in one that ended in a stalemate. In that case, when she met Andrey Andreev, he advised her on an idea she had which meant that she had to accept her fate of going back to the dating app business. Therefore, moving forward Whitney Wolfe got the financial and workforce support she needed to start up her dating app which has currently been recognized worldwide due to its unique nature.

Whitney Wolfe is married to Michael Herd who pushed her towards the partnership with Andrey Andreev when she was caught up in accepting the offer and letting it go. She studied in the Southern Methodist University where she specialized in International studies. Her entrepreneurship skills began early as when she was only 19, she had started a business of selling bamboo haul bags which were meant to assist areas that were affected by the BP oil spill. In her career, she has been named as one of Elle’s Women in tech, she was on Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017 and 2018 consecutively, and she was as well appointed as one of Business Insider’s 30 most important women under 30 in Tech. In 2017 as well, she was also listed in a TechCrunch article on 42 women doing well and setting the pace in tech. She, therefore, proves that age is just but a number when it comes to becoming successful in any business venture as long as it is realistic. Additionally, it requires persistence and discipline because if she ignored this opportunity because of her previous experience in a similar field, she could never have come this far in her career and investment.

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