How to make marketing campaigns more engaging, persuasive, and memorable by using Talk Fusion app

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 with the aim of helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors by increasing sales and profits. Ever since it was launched, Talk Fusion has gained a lot of popularity with both large and small businesses integrating the tool into their daily operations. The tool allows companies to engage their clients through creative videos. Currently, Talk Fusion is available in over 140 countries. The developers of the app continue to add more features to bring more functionality to the app.


Talk Fusion features

The app comes with features and functions that allow users more convenience while helping them to stay ahead of the loop in the extremely competitive business world. Currently, Talk Fusion app is available on the Google Play for Android users and iTunes. For Android users, the app is can be installed on devices with 4.4.3 operating system and iOS 7 for iPhones, and iPads.


The most popular product from the Talk Fusion app is the Video email. The product allows companies to easily share videos with their contacts. Parties can share video email messages using the Talk Fusion app. Therefore, companies can use the app for their video marketing campaigns, thus helping them to reach to a bigger audience more conveniently.


Benefits of the Video email product

A company stands to benefit in various ways by using the Talk Fusion app. Firstly, the app allows companies to send advertisement materials to their customers more conveniently. This does not only save advertisement revenues for businesses but is also ensuring that they send personalized messages to their clients. The end result for the company is increased sales and revenues. It is easier to capture the attention of your customers by using a video than the typical email marketing techniques.


How to use the app

Using Talk Fusion app is quite easy. All the sharing of videos is accomplished by using the app. One can either record a live video or upload an already recorded video to their contents. The app has many templates that one can choose from. The app even allows for message customization for sending to specific clients.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an award-winning video sharing tool that was designed to help the business reach out to their clients more conveniently by use videos. The app has several features that offer companies with dynamic ways to make marketing easier, more engaging, persuasive and cheaper for businesses. The company was founded by Bob Reina who serves as the CEO and the chairman of the company. Learn more:

Kamil Idris’ concerns on globalization and Intellectual Property Rights

Professor Kamil Idris is a Law graduate from the University of Khartoum with other honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 different universities and has a Ph.D. in international law from Geneva University. The former diplomat worked as director general for World intellectual property organization from 1997 to 2008. He is also a member of the international law commission of the united nations and has published several books on international law, intellectual property rights and development propelled by his substantial interest on intellectual property rights.


He was the third person to serve as the director general for WIPO since its beginning in 1967. Kamil became acquainted with foreign affairs while still in the university and soon after the universities foreign law ministry employed him to serve in the united nations Sudanese branch. He gained experience and fulfilled his expertise by addressing technological, environmental and occupational problems encountered when transporting goods between developing countries.


In his interview with Venture outsource, professor Kamil spoke about the current state of globalization as being a setback to intellectual growth. He said that the most prevalent issue for the WIPO was piracy a threat to intellectual property as a result of the web. This resulted in the implementation of patent data that was exclusively for WIPO to administer infringements on the internet.


In his articles, Kamil Idris points out to Chinese manufacturers who have been ripping benefits of products they allegedly copied from manufacturers in the U.S and are selling them worldwide at a fraction of their original price. This has forced many manufacturers in the United States to fall out of business because their products are not being bought. The Obama administration made efforts to work towards a solution to this IP theft but was not entirely successful because of the political activities that came rendering this an issue of less concern. However, the trump administration is planning to use force by imposing tariffs worth billions of money to trigger the Chinese government to enforce its IP protections.


Kamil Idris also mentions Scott Kennedy, an economic analyst who thinks that for China to make any concessions, it has to be pushed hard enough to feel the pressure. Scott feels like Trump hasn’t done enough to convince the Chinese officials to sign an agreement on business and labor that will finally resolve the IP theft. Regardless of all these opinions, Trump’s use of force slowly sees this issue come to an end.

Accomplished Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad Talks About Career & Life

Getting the opportunity to talk to an accomplished and well-renown pediatric surgeon does not happen often, but Dr. SaadSaad granted an interview not too long ago. He’s been a great surgeon all of his life and has provided care for children who truly need it. It did not take long for the interviewer to see that Saad has not only had success in his field but also has a great story to share with the world.


A big part of the interview was devoted to his children. All of them are highly passionate and successful individuals. One is a skilled nurse and the other two are surgeons, which definitely made Dr. Saad quite proud. A fourth child is a lawyer should the family ever need legal assistance. The pediatric surgeon said that passing down his love for education to his children has been a dream come true.


Dr. Saad has been in the industry for 47 years and has finally retired. His career was filled with complicated surgeries, but his work was successful. He also introduced innovations and inventions to make each surgery more precise or to decrease risks. Saad continued to talk about his illustrious career but made it a point to mention how gratifying it has been to participate in Medical Missions to Jerusalem. He was able to provide help to impoverished children in that region who sorely need medical care.


Dr. Saad believes that with preserverance anything is possible. He has seen the power of preserverance prevail in his life numerous times, including when he was a child back in Palestine. He was born in the late 1940s, meaning that his childhood was marred by the dramatic changes that his home country was going through, like the creation of Israel. Young Saad and his family were forced to relocate to the West Bank. His father was not home when this forced relocation happened, so they were afraid they would never see him again. This situation was scary and traumatic but that did not stop his father from searching for them. He eventually found them.


The change was scary, but his father told his children that, no matter the situation, education can get you through any situation. Yes, their home was taken away and their livelihood as well, but his father was able to secure work in Kuwait not long after this event. This happened because he was a skilled petroleum mechanic, which was a job that needed to be filled in several places of the country. Learn more: 29


Dr. Saad comes from a family of eight children, and they all pursued education just like he did. One is a well-respected teacher who has been hoping to pass on the importance of education to children. Two are surgeons like he is while two others are doctors. The last two are accomplished engineers. It is clear that the events in their lives and the lessons their father taught them has definitely propelled the family forward.