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The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority addresses traffic woes and is in agreement with the American-Statesman’s Sept. 3 Viewpoints editorial which argued that traffic congestion will multiply in Austin Texas. Plain and simple it’s about mobility solutions.Learn more :


The Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is Mike Heiligenstein. Mike has overseen the Mobility Authority since 2003. Adding to it’s growth from a startup to a nationally recognized and applauded for it’s leadership in toll road operations


His 30 years in public office, from Round Rock City Council member to Williamson County Commissioner show and prove his experience as a leader capable of critical thinking and problem solving that we need to tackle this problem of traffic flow and congestion.Learn more :


It may or may not require a road.

*In Cedar Park and Leander we constructed the 183A toll road

*Between Austin and Manor we constructed the U.S. 290 toll road


Both have increased traffic while improving non-toll lines that were previously there. A public company that is accountable entity formed by the resident of Travis and Williamson Counties


The core mission of the Mobility Authority is to innovate. The new MoPac Express Lanes being adding help to instill management of congestion and traffic flow. MoPac’s footprint isn’t big enough to eradicate congestion, but it will give you back some of your valuable time and aid with the flow of traffic.


Our technology is allowing us to install “smart roads” where ever applicable. we’ve planted fiber lines parallel to the 183 South project. Between US 290 and the airport we’re also constructing and anticipating for the day all cars will be able to communicate with the road.


Don’t forget about walking and biking. The Mobility Authority has built paths for shared used along our projects. You can see an example of this in William County along 183A. And the bridge going over MoPac near Parmer Lane is yet another example of this.


Congestion is a key problem in our community and our goal is to get drivers moving again. The Mobility Authority along with support from the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization offers free roadside assistant through the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO).Learn more :


The Texas Department of Transportation, the counties and cities of Central Texas are all in when it comes to solving the problem of congestion on our busy roadways.