OG Juan Went Big On His 50th Birthday

Hip-hop sensation JAY Z knows how to make people close to him feel special on their bday. Hova decided to send some birthday cheer to his business partner Juan “OG” Perez on his 50th birthday when they spent a night on the town, accompanied by a short list of close buds. OG Juan is the Roc Nation Sports president and his close buds helped him order rack up a $113,000 birthday celebration. Of the amount, about $13k was spent on dinner, $9k on drinks and there was a now very popular $91k tab created at the club. Let us itemize this celebration for you:

Sources have reported that OG Juan was with his wife Desiree, JAY Z and a few other friends when they started the Sunday evening party in Midtown. They ate at a well known Japanese restaurant called Zuma. Fans know that Zuma is one of Bey and Jay’s favorite restaurants. While there, the group chowed down on a beautiful spread of steak, sushi and lobster for a dinner tab of $13,000. They then traveled to Made in Mexico, which is a popular dine-in nightclub in Inwood. Here, the group enjoyed $9,000 in liquor, constantly ordering Hova’s partially owned D’USSÉ Cognac. After that bar run, the group moved on to the Playroom Nightclub where they would end the night. The group ordered up 40 champagne bottles which created a $91,000 bill.

Some of OG Juan’s friends only stayed around for the first round of drinks. Then four friends partied well into the night with JAY Z and OG Juan. The Roc Nation group ordered 40 bottles of the Ace of spades brand. That included 20 bottles of Gold champagne and 20 bottles of Rosé. The outstanding tab made national headlines when one of the servers posted the receipt on Snapchat.

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