Richard Mishann: Revolutionizing the Interior Design Industry

Richard Mishaan is an interior designer known for his lavish but authentic style. He favors bold colors, unusual patterns, vintage pieces, and layering different textures to create a multi-tonal look. He collects pieces over time in his travels and uses them all to pull a room together. He stated that every one of his houses features a room like this, and the room is usually used for entertaining. There is always something to look at or notice each time you enter a room he has designed. They are studies of a time gone by, mixed with modern touches.

Meet the Designer
Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia and has been wowing people for 25 years with his interior design talent. He has worked on projects ranging from apartments, townhouses, hotels, and private buildings. Mr. Mishann has a long history of delivering breathtaking results, in short periods of time. He credits Yves St. Laurent’s Paris living room as being a huge influence in his decorating style.

Successful Author
Richard Mishaan is also a successful author, publishing his first book titled Modern Luxury in 2009, followed by Artfully Modern in 2014. These books cover Mr. Mishann’s various points of view on interior design. He discusses how he pulls inspiration from different places and time periods. He incorporates art from all over the world into his design elements, and this art doesn’t have to be expensive. He has flea market finds, auction finds, and found pieces alongside more expensive ones.

Richard Mishaan continues to revolutionize the interior design field. His style is designed to last, and he keeps recreating it with more modern pieces. He can blend historical elements with modern ones to make a breathtaking contrast that stands out in any room. People who visit and get to see the places he has designed in person will be talking about the focal points for years to come.