Recap: An Interview with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Published on July 28, 2016, Interview Magazine met with Alex Pall and his partner, Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers.

The interview is conducted by Mathias Rosenwieg in New York City. He asks the duo how they started working together. Pall goes into how he was a DJ growing up in New York City. He was a kid at the time, and while he enjoyed working as a DJ, it was nothing he took seriously. He talks about the time he was in an art gallery, and it hit him that he really enjoyed being a DJ, and he should take it more seriously. He talks about how his manager introduced him to Taggart, and they started working together from there.

Rosenweig asks them how they knew they would work well together. Pall answered that it was both of them knowing the talent in themselves. Once they got past their introductions, it became more organic. Their meetings, as Pall pointed out, started as 9AM-7PM sessions, being that this was now their main job, and they needed it to live. But then, they wound up pushing themselves even harder and learning more about themselves through their music, and through collaboration with each other.

Rosenwieg then asks them what it was like working with the young singing sensation, Halsey. She appears on The Chainsmokers single, Closer. Pall was very happy to work with Halsey. He talks about how Taggart and a mutual friend wrote Closer on the tour bus, and Taggart sings on the single.

Rosenweig asked if they knew the type of audience their music is reaching, and Pall quotes demographics right off of the bat, and credits social media for showing the different countries and age groups their music is reaching.

The last question Rosenweig asks is about their live shows, and how they go about changing them to cater to their increasing popularity. Pall makes a very true point that there sets are always changing because the key is to stay relevant. He basically says that when you get comfortable is when you can be replaced.

Scott Rocklage Has His Life On Track

Scott Rocklage is someone who works as a managing partner for 5AM Ventures. He is someone who has healthcare experience from many years in the workforce, and he uses that experience with the work that he does. He is someone who clings to the knowledge that he has gained through the years and who uses that knowledge to help him be the best leader that he could possibly be.

Scott Rocklage works from an office that is situated in Boston, MA. 5AM Ventures is a venture capital firm that is there to support new advances in the medical world.

When he was given the chance to explain what it is that he does to bring new ideas into being, Scott Rocklage mentioned that he works with scientists and physicians to help them shape their ideas and make them real. He is someone who is actively involved in the work of others, and he is there to help them find success.

He spends his days going between studying up on science and new developments that have come up and working on the portfolios of companies. He is someone who does a variety of work, and he has the experience that he needs to complete each job that he must complete. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

There are some people who are successful in all that they do because they stay organized even when they are busy, and there are others who fail because they cannot organize their lives. Scott Rocklage credits the fact that he is organized to the success that he has had. He is someone who is able to keep his life on track because of his organizational skills.

Hussain Sajwani Takes DAMAC Services to Higher Heights

Hussain Sajwani is the chairman and founder of DAMAC properties which engages in construction and development of leisure, residential and commercial properties. The company also invests heavily in real estate projects. This Company is situated in Dubai and the Middle East.


Hussain graduated from Washington University before starting his career as a contracts manager in GASCO, a Branch of Abu Dhabi Oil Company. Later he started his own business and in 1982 Sajwani ventured into catering. In his businesses, he pioneered the expansion of property market in Dubai. Due to influx of people visiting Emirates in the mid 90s, he constructed several hotels to accommodate them. As a result of increased trade his catering business grew enormously. In 2002 Hussain identified a gap in the market and this led to the establishment of DAMAC Properties. This facility has since grown to be one of the biggest property development companies in Dubai and the Middle East, thereby being a pride of the Hussain Sajwani family.


Sajwani concentrates mainly in the field of marketing, sales, finance, legal issues and administration which is the driving force of DAMAC’s success. This prestigious company employs over 2000 employees and prides itself with one of the best record of luxury properties in the Middle East. Due to its influence under the watchful eyes of DAMAC owner, DAMAC teamed up with the American business icon Donald Trump in 2013. This is long before Trump became president of the United States. They constructed golf courses with trump’s brand, international Golf course, Damac’s Akaya residential suites and trump World Golf Courses. When Mr Trump was elected as president he praised Sajwani and described him as an amazing man. Mr. Trump promised to continue partnering with Hussain in the business world.


DAMAC properties have also participated in charity work to support the less fortunate in the Middle East. They have always supported the selfless efforts of Sheikh Mohammed to better the lives of others especially during the month of Ramadan with AED 2,000,000 to feed children. DAMAC in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent donated a total of AED 120 million to support the clothing campaign. The aim of the campaign was to provide decent clothes to poor children. This company is planning to extend its charity work to international level in order to reach more needy children.


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