Penelope Kokkinides Discusses the Plight of Puerto Ricans with Trump

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health Services based in New York. She attended Columbia University, where she attained a degree in public health. She also went to Binghamton University for a BA in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Moreover, she went to Walden University, and New York University to study public administration and social work respectively. Her vast knowledge in healthcare gives her the expertise to lead innovaCare Health Services and is trusted to do a good job. Penelope cares about helping children, animals, improving education, and healthcare.


Penelope Kokkinides revealed that she decided to take the job at innovaCare because it presented a wonderful opportunity to help others. She is skilled in case management, Medicaid, mental health, and managing diseases. She has held several meetings in the past to find ways of improving healthcare in the state for everyone. Her efforts have paid off and healthcare services at the company have greatly improved. When Kokkinides and Rich Shinto received the news about their appointments at InnovaCare, they were thrilled and excited about new opportunities coming their way. Kokkinides said that she looked forward to working with the team at the firm to improve service delivery.


Penelope Kokkinides recently made headlines with her meeting with Donald Trump, where she explained to the head of state about the need to increase funding in Puerto Rico. This was a historical meeting because it gave Puerto Ricans an opportunity to receive more funding. More funding means improved healthcare and this is what Kokkinides is fighting for. Having worked in government healthcare programs, she has managed to advise the team on way forward regarding health matters.


Before assuming her position at InnovaCare, Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer at Centerlight Health and brought changes that turned things around at the facility. At InnovaCare, clients praise her efforts in championing for more funding and improving service delivery. She was chosen in a group of eight women to meet Trump to discuss matters affecting women in healthcare. Instead of focusing on herself, she used this opportunity to talk about serious issues affecting Puerto Ricans, showing her dedication to helping others. Her company is committed to improving the lives of Puerto Ricans and helping them recover from Hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans appreciate Kokkinides for the commitment to improve healthcare and requesting more funding. During the meeting, she explained the importance of federal funding in the area and was lauded for the good work.