A New Job With The American Institute Of Architects

Robert Ivy is a very popular man in the realm of architecture. He has served in many places which include the American Institute of Architects (AIA), McGraw-Hill Construction Media, Ivy Architects and the Dean and Ivy.

Robert was made the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of AIA by the board on 1st February 2011. This decision was arrived at due to the many contributions that Robert had made to the organization as well as to the architectural industry as a whole. He was one of the board members before he became the CEO/EVP. It was no surprise that the board decided to place him at the organization’s steering wheel.

George H. Miller was very excited when the board agreed to choose Robert to be the company’s head. He had worked with Robert before, and he knew that AIA was going to do well under his leadership. He commented that Robert possessed all the management skills that were required to head the organization. He also added that there was no better person to take over the position since Robert’s reputation already showed that things were going to run smoothly for the coming years.

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Currently, the American Institute of Architects holds around ninety thousand members who comprise of licensed architects and other industry professionals. When AIA started, it only had a few members. As more people began to learn what AIA was all about, they started joining the organization. The organization has been making sure that architects receive better pay and that their work is appreciated by the society. It has also been educating the community on various matters that encompass design in the field of construction. They headquartered in Washington, DC.

AIA was opened in 1857. Its headquarters are located in Washington DC, and it is from here that the organization operates. AIA has been working with other organizations and other influential individuals who operate in the architecture industry to ensure that the field thrives. Much progress has been seen after the appointment of Robert Ivy as the head. Apart from his work with the American Institute of Architects and other agencies, Robert has also written a book which is entitled Fay Jones: Architect. The book contains useful knowledge on the architecture realm and has been rated to be the best by the Library Society of North America.

Robert’s efforts with the American Institute of Architecture have not gone unnoticed. Rho Chi in 2010 gave him the Master Architect Award for being involved in public education on matters regarding design. In 2009, his contributions to the architecture realm were appreciated with the Crane Award. The American Business Media recognizes the award as the top award for architects. Earlier in 2008, Robert received the McGraw-Hill ward for performing beyond the expectations of the company. These are some of the many accolades that he has received over the years. His goal has always been to serve the organization he’s working for and the general public as well.