Marc Beer is One Individual to be Emulated

In most circumstances women advocate for the needs of their fellow women may it be gender equality or health-related issues. Either way, Marc Beer is one individual who has taken it upon himself to ensure that women in his society are well taken care of in matters of health. Therefore, he happens to be the co-founder and CEO of Renovia Incorporation, an organization that works towards bringing a solution to women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Being a start-up for women’s health, Marc Beer has managed to raise $42 million for the same purpose which will be spent on the manufacturing of some new products for pelvic floor disorders. For starters, his company even before having raised this amount had already manufactured a product called Leva to serve a similar purpose. In that case, his commitment to women’s health has come from far considering that he has vast experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic fields.

To help achieve his initial objective of improving women’s health, Marc Beer has partnered with relevant institutions like the Longwood Fund which has similar goals. The fact that the products the companies intend to manufacture will get tested and approved for use means that his intentions are professional and is no after only making money. On his part, he appreciates that other institutions believe in his initiative and are willing to become a part of it to realize tangible results. Before co-founding Renovia, Marc Beer worked at OvaScience where he served as a strategic consultant. Additionally, he was the founder of Viacell, a company that majored in gathering and preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells. In regards to illnesses that are hard to diagnose and cure, he worked with Genzyme, a company that deals with these issues. In that case, he has experienced in his career how people struggle with various illnesses that can get managed hence the unique interest in helping women. Learn more:

Marc Beer is a graduate of the University of Miami in Ohio where he graduated with a bachelor’s of science in business administration. He is as well a diverse individual in regards to knowledge and skills as he is good in research and development program management, profit and loss management as well as sales and marketing. In that case, he is armed with everything he needs to become successful in his endeavors in business and the health industry as well. Marc Beer’s commitment to women’s health should be taken as a lesson especially by women who do nothing to help their fellow women.