Recap: An Interview with Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Published on July 28, 2016, Interview Magazine met with Alex Pall and his partner, Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers.

The interview is conducted by Mathias Rosenwieg in New York City. He asks the duo how they started working together. Pall goes into how he was a DJ growing up in New York City. He was a kid at the time, and while he enjoyed working as a DJ, it was nothing he took seriously. He talks about the time he was in an art gallery, and it hit him that he really enjoyed being a DJ, and he should take it more seriously. He talks about how his manager introduced him to Taggart, and they started working together from there.

Rosenweig asks them how they knew they would work well together. Pall answered that it was both of them knowing the talent in themselves. Once they got past their introductions, it became more organic. Their meetings, as Pall pointed out, started as 9AM-7PM sessions, being that this was now their main job, and they needed it to live. But then, they wound up pushing themselves even harder and learning more about themselves through their music, and through collaboration with each other.

Rosenwieg then asks them what it was like working with the young singing sensation, Halsey. She appears on The Chainsmokers single, Closer. Pall was very happy to work with Halsey. He talks about how Taggart and a mutual friend wrote Closer on the tour bus, and Taggart sings on the single.

Rosenweig asked if they knew the type of audience their music is reaching, and Pall quotes demographics right off of the bat, and credits social media for showing the different countries and age groups their music is reaching.

The last question Rosenweig asks is about their live shows, and how they go about changing them to cater to their increasing popularity. Pall makes a very true point that there sets are always changing because the key is to stay relevant. He basically says that when you get comfortable is when you can be replaced.

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