Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: An Everyday Joe Who Doubles As A Cold, Hard, Killing Machine

Isn’t it great when a celebrity takes the time to sit down to just talk? Movie director turned author Sean Penn took a seat at his kitchen table to discuss his new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, by way of a phone interview. This is the first book that Penn has ever written, and even though he is well known for directing and starring in amazing films, he finds the book world to be much more interesting due to the fact that he can control everything that happens in the book.

Often when people work together to create a film, they have to share ideas and even compromise. Penn never liked this one fact about the movie industry because compromising inhibits his creativity.  For example, Penn may have a wonderful idea for a movie or may can see just how the movie should flow, but collaboration may change some or even all of his vision. Penn says that often times he would walk away from a film feeling disappointed in it simply because the changes of collaboration made the movie less than what it could have been. Penn is done with the movie industry for now, and writing books has opened up a whole new world for him. He even has a second book in the works.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff isn’t your typical book, and Bob Honey isn’t your typical protagonist. For starters, the man is a septic tank salesman.  Who wants to read about a protagonist who sells septic tanks? Secondly, Bob Honey is divorced. It doesn’t sound as though Bob lives a very extraordinary life, does it? However, Bob isn’t your typical middle-aged septic tank-selling divorcee. He is so much more than that. He is a skilled assassin who runs around town killing the elderly with mallets.


Sometimes he may even have a conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness. Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has been met with mixed reviews, but one thing is for certain: Bob is just who Penn wanted him to be.


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