Shervin Pishevar Covers The Fate of The Economy Via Tweeter

Shervin Pishevar, who is an investor and co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop, was oddly quiet on Twitter until recently. Something stirred him to blast off 50 tweets in 21 hours. The subjects range from the gloomy stock market to Silicon Valley.


A shining star was Hyperloop. Companies that are inspiring innovative work are going to save the American infrastructure from collapsing. Pishevar also noted SpaceX as one of the contributors to the new American growth, which needs to happen.


A darker subject was the decline of the stock market. Pishevar guesses that there will be a total drop of 6,000 points. The earnings for 2018 are gone, and he predicts the same fate for 2017 profits too.


Why do people follow Shervin Pishevar? He has made some very wise choices in the past. For example, he invested in Uber, Slack, and Postmates. He made some predictions about some of the issues Facebook may have, and those predictions became a reality.


His first tweet was how the year was starting out. He felt February was setting an example of things to come. He did point out three reasons why he feels the way he does. The economy is rocky because of tax freebies or taxes that are given away. Another reason, the climb of interest rates coupled with failing credit accounts. The combination will create further slips and more downward spirals in the months ahead.


The US government bond system was covered in tweet number two. The system had the power to adjust the market. The central banks would buy bonds, and this action would cause a correction. That manipulation no longer works and is ineffective in today’s economy.


Shervin Pishevar, who is an immigrant, writes on how inflation has been spread around the world. It is not something that stays in the walls of America, but it now reaches out across the globe, and it has been for years.


The walls of America was a subject touched on also. Shervin Pishevar, went on to detail how the walls are not keeping the bad guys out, but the barriers are actually preventing new and fresh thinkers from coming in.


Shervin Pishevar is sure to have more things to say on the economy and through his Tweeter feed. There is no telling what areas he will hit upon next.

Adam Milstein and His Excellence as an Author.

Adam Milstein works with Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein comes from Israel and has previously served the IDF during the time of war which was the Yom Kippur War. In 1978 he graduated from the Technion, and he later went to the USA to study where he got an MBA from the USC.

Adam Milstein is an active community leader and also a philanthropist who specialises in giving strength to the Jewish People and even to the State of Israel. He established a family foundation called Adam and Gila Milstein foundation which also supports a wide range of organisations. Adam and his family reside in Calif where they have a large family with three grandchildren.

He says that the media should not be underestimated because it touches on our lives every day. We get all the information we want from the media, and it helps us understand how we will shape our lives. The most common media is the radio and television and the internet which has become a source of information, especially for the young people.


Adam Milstein in his article which has been published most recently states that the Jewish culture should thrive. Adam tells the Jews to stand up for themselves and that they should be proud of where they come from, and they should also understand the importance of education in the society.

Jews should challenge and empower their children to overlook whatever difficulties they face and be creative in creating ways on how they can solve the challenges. Adam Milstein IAC tells the Jews that by making use of their abilities, they can make a huge difference in their societies today. In his career, Adam Milstein is a renowned author who also takes place in charity events for the betterment of the society and some of them iu8nclude condemning anti-Semitism, and he also takes part in creating a good relationship with the United States.

He makes this initiative because countries which have a good relationship benefit positively from each other and his foundation aim are at promoting togetherness and healthy relationships through its numerous activities.

Stream Energy and The Kind of Charity Work That Goes Beyond Money

There are many opportunities to help the society around us. However, there’s more expectation and pressure to give back to companies mainly because they have tapped more opportunities and business networks across the world. It becomes now the duty of companies to sustain the social and natural environment in which they conduct business. In the case of Dallas-based energy firm Stream Energy, it is part of its duty as an enterprise to extend their help in any way they can. One of their most active efforts right now is to build Stream Cares as the helm of their philanthropy work.


As featured on The Patch online news site, The Stream Cares Foundation was initiated right after Hurricane Harvey hit a perfect destructive attack on Dallas. The homelessness that resulted from the storm is serious, and Stream Cares found it their duty to make not only sure that the homes are repaired for the residents, but also deliver new homes to the people of Dallas. By partnering with Hope Supply Co., Stream Energy is able to extend their hands to many people in the state. Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy is also able to build them the homes they need and assist them in making sure they can safely transition to a healthier life. Stream Cares hopes to assist these people, too, away from the trauma caused by the hurricane.


Right now, Stream Cares serves as an impressive example of how giving back through charity can be an essential part of how a company should operate. It is now a foundation that shows how it may be more beneficial to the company to give more than just money. The goal of Stream Cares is to bring out the good in everyone. It is the duty of Stream Cares to be a good example for such type of philanthropy. And with the active philanthropy work that it does with Habitat For Humanity, Red Cross and other grassroots groups, there’s little doubt that Stream Cares is hitting its goal.


Stream Energy is able to grow Stream Cares Foundation because of its simple business model: it pays its network of loyal clients products like fixed-rate energy plans and mobile phone packages for both corporate and residential needs.

How to make marketing campaigns more engaging, persuasive, and memorable by using Talk Fusion app

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 with the aim of helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors by increasing sales and profits. Ever since it was launched, Talk Fusion has gained a lot of popularity with both large and small businesses integrating the tool into their daily operations. The tool allows companies to engage their clients through creative videos. Currently, Talk Fusion is available in over 140 countries. The developers of the app continue to add more features to bring more functionality to the app.


Talk Fusion features

The app comes with features and functions that allow users more convenience while helping them to stay ahead of the loop in the extremely competitive business world. Currently, Talk Fusion app is available on the Google Play for Android users and iTunes. For Android users, the app is can be installed on devices with 4.4.3 operating system and iOS 7 for iPhones, and iPads.


The most popular product from the Talk Fusion app is the Video email. The product allows companies to easily share videos with their contacts. Parties can share video email messages using the Talk Fusion app. Therefore, companies can use the app for their video marketing campaigns, thus helping them to reach to a bigger audience more conveniently.


Benefits of the Video email product

A company stands to benefit in various ways by using the Talk Fusion app. Firstly, the app allows companies to send advertisement materials to their customers more conveniently. This does not only save advertisement revenues for businesses but is also ensuring that they send personalized messages to their clients. The end result for the company is increased sales and revenues. It is easier to capture the attention of your customers by using a video than the typical email marketing techniques.


How to use the app

Using Talk Fusion app is quite easy. All the sharing of videos is accomplished by using the app. One can either record a live video or upload an already recorded video to their contents. The app has many templates that one can choose from. The app even allows for message customization for sending to specific clients.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an award-winning video sharing tool that was designed to help the business reach out to their clients more conveniently by use videos. The app has several features that offer companies with dynamic ways to make marketing easier, more engaging, persuasive and cheaper for businesses. The company was founded by Bob Reina who serves as the CEO and the chairman of the company. Learn more:

Japanese-American Businessman, William Saito

William Saito was born in Los Angeles, California in 1971 just two years after his parents immigrated to the US from Japan in 1969. He attended the University of California, Riverside as a student in the joint Biomedical Science Program. He is now Prime Minister for the Government of Japan and works as a Special Advisor of the Cabinet Office. He is also the former Vice Chairman for Palo Alto Networks in Japan and quickly was recognized as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Japan” thanks to the powerful positions that he has held.

Ever since elementary school, William Saito has been interested in software programming. While he was still in school, he started his own company and at just twenty-seven years old, was named Entrepreneur of the Year. He is recognized today as one of the world’s most influential authorities on cybersecurity and is a member on the Foundation Board at the World Economic Forum (WEF). He also advises several governments around the globe. When his autobiography, An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, was published in 2011, his popularity increased.



While an undergraduate at the University of California, Riverside, William spent time in his dorm working on a company that focused on software development with custom device drivers, firmware, and enterprise software applications for consumer electronic companies. Soon enough, the company had its own information security platform and application suite which would later be licensed to several dozen companies worldwide. It was so influential that Microsoft bought the rights to the technology in 2000.


As the CEO of Intecur, Saito acts as the head cybersecurity specialist and the decision maker forglobal digital transformation strategies. Saito is best known for his ability to effortlessly drive global IT strategies in high-profile international business environments. His knowledge, leadership, and experience allows him to optimize efficiency, employee performance and satisfaction, and financial outcomes. His great personality coupled with his approachable manner gives him an edge as a powerful influencer among government officials.


In 1998, William was chosen as the Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2016, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his exemplary service and contributions to the people of Japan.

Clay Siegall and his Role in Cancer Treatment

Clay B. Siegall is a common figure in the world of oncology. Clay is the founder and the chief executive officer of a leading biotechnology company that is known as Seattle Genetics. The scientist founded this successful company in the year 1998, and he has been in charge of the major company operations since then. As the chairman of the board of directors and CEO, Clay Siegall has been working so hard to ensure that the company does not lack enough funds. With his excellent skills in leadership, Clay Siegall has taken the company to greater heights in the biotechnology department. Siegall is a trained scientist who has a lot of expertise in cancer treatment, and this is why most of the medications from his company have been performing so well among the cancer patients.

Seattle Genetics came to the limelight several years ago when it introduced its first drug into the global platform. This drug is known as ADCETRIS, and it has been effective in treating various forms of cancer. Clay Siegall and his company have been very proud of the drug since it hit the market several years ago. Clay has a lot of knowledge in genetics, and he used these skills to come up with the drug. At first, medical experts wanted to try the drug and ensure that it was a great way of treating cancer before they can approve it to be used in other parts of the world. Fortunately, most of the people who used the medication came out healthy, and this proved that Clay and his company were in the right direction.

Although ADCETRIS has only been introduced in the company recently, it has already been accepted by the people in more than sixty six nations of the world. All of the countries using the drug praise it because of its few side effects to the cancer patients it is treating. Siegall says that he decided to specialize in cancer treatment when he discovered that most of the cancer treatment options were harsh on the patients who were already weak. The businessman has led a great career life because of his passion for cancer treatment .

Kamil Idris’ concerns on globalization and Intellectual Property Rights

Professor Kamil Idris is a Law graduate from the University of Khartoum with other honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 different universities and has a Ph.D. in international law from Geneva University. The former diplomat worked as director general for World intellectual property organization from 1997 to 2008. He is also a member of the international law commission of the united nations and has published several books on international law, intellectual property rights and development propelled by his substantial interest on intellectual property rights.


He was the third person to serve as the director general for WIPO since its beginning in 1967. Kamil became acquainted with foreign affairs while still in the university and soon after the universities foreign law ministry employed him to serve in the united nations Sudanese branch. He gained experience and fulfilled his expertise by addressing technological, environmental and occupational problems encountered when transporting goods between developing countries.


In his interview with Venture outsource, professor Kamil spoke about the current state of globalization as being a setback to intellectual growth. He said that the most prevalent issue for the WIPO was piracy a threat to intellectual property as a result of the web. This resulted in the implementation of patent data that was exclusively for WIPO to administer infringements on the internet.


In his articles, Kamil Idris points out to Chinese manufacturers who have been ripping benefits of products they allegedly copied from manufacturers in the U.S and are selling them worldwide at a fraction of their original price. This has forced many manufacturers in the United States to fall out of business because their products are not being bought. The Obama administration made efforts to work towards a solution to this IP theft but was not entirely successful because of the political activities that came rendering this an issue of less concern. However, the trump administration is planning to use force by imposing tariffs worth billions of money to trigger the Chinese government to enforce its IP protections.


Kamil Idris also mentions Scott Kennedy, an economic analyst who thinks that for China to make any concessions, it has to be pushed hard enough to feel the pressure. Scott feels like Trump hasn’t done enough to convince the Chinese officials to sign an agreement on business and labor that will finally resolve the IP theft. Regardless of all these opinions, Trump’s use of force slowly sees this issue come to an end.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: An Everyday Joe Who Doubles As A Cold, Hard, Killing Machine

Isn’t it great when a celebrity takes the time to sit down to just talk? Movie director turned author Sean Penn took a seat at his kitchen table to discuss his new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, by way of a phone interview. This is the first book that Penn has ever written, and even though he is well known for directing and starring in amazing films, he finds the book world to be much more interesting due to the fact that he can control everything that happens in the book.

Often when people work together to create a film, they have to share ideas and even compromise. Penn never liked this one fact about the movie industry because compromising inhibits his creativity.  For example, Penn may have a wonderful idea for a movie or may can see just how the movie should flow, but collaboration may change some or even all of his vision. Penn says that often times he would walk away from a film feeling disappointed in it simply because the changes of collaboration made the movie less than what it could have been. Penn is done with the movie industry for now, and writing books has opened up a whole new world for him. He even has a second book in the works.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff isn’t your typical book, and Bob Honey isn’t your typical protagonist. For starters, the man is a septic tank salesman.  Who wants to read about a protagonist who sells septic tanks? Secondly, Bob Honey is divorced. It doesn’t sound as though Bob lives a very extraordinary life, does it? However, Bob isn’t your typical middle-aged septic tank-selling divorcee. He is so much more than that. He is a skilled assassin who runs around town killing the elderly with mallets.


Sometimes he may even have a conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness. Sean Penn’s Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has been met with mixed reviews, but one thing is for certain: Bob is just who Penn wanted him to be.


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